Friday, August 13, 2010


2 weeks at sea in Greece with 7 strangers. These are some iphone shots.
My view from my favorite sunbathing part of the boat on a long haul.
 First port we anchored in- Kea
 4th night sleeping on the boat.
 Serifos. I took this picture for my mom as these flowers were everywhere!
We were the only boat on the water for about an hour this day. No ferries - nothing 360 around us just surrounded by blue sky and silky glass like water. Dolphins came up and swam by the boat a few minutes after I took this shot. The ultimate trip highlight.
The bus to get up here was scary but well worth it. This was an undesirably touristy + overpriced island portside but felt like a 3000 year old enchanted postcard on the top. There were gusting winds surrounding the cliffs and two small churches with the most beautiful gold engraved murals inside. We all lit candles before winding back down the steps.
Athena's temple

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